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ChiBall Teacher Rebecca Quinn

Rebecca Quinn is a Certified ChiBall Teacher who is on the path to becoming a ChiBall Master Trainer. She has trained in, and teaches, The ChiBall Method™, Pilates and Dance of the Dragon™ at her BayChi Changes studio in Melbourne, Australia, and is also a Feng Shui practitioner. Rebecca has been described as a gifted and inspirational teacher, and is known for her gentle approach to healing through exercise.


As part of her training to become a ChiBall Master Trainer, Rebecca was selected to lead some sessions at the recent ChiBall Level 1 Teacher Training in Melbourne. We had the pleasure of speaking with her about her experience.

CB: What did you present and what knowledge/skills/experiences you were able to apply at the training?

RQ: I presented the TCM Module and the colour and aromatherapy module. I have studied and researched these three modalities of healing for many years and, for the last six, have been applying them in my ChiBall classes with great success. Applying this knowledge as a presenter/trainer was a fairly easy transition, just slightly more intense!



CB: What was it like to engage and connect with the students and the other trainers?

RQ: I love people! I have a deep affection for all living things, especially human beings, so connecting and engaging with the students and trainers was a real pleasure. Having such an extraordinary group of people to teach and learn from made the experience even better.



CB: What aspects did you find challenging and perhaps expanded your comfort zone?

RQ: I have always preferred to be a support or behind the scenes sort of person, so to find myself 'centre stage' with all eyes on me for 3+ hours pushed me well beyond my comfort zone. A year ago I would never have dreamt I could do this.



CB: How did you find the support from the team?

RQ: Without the constant support, guidance and nurturing of Maria-ann, Lynley and the team, I doubt I could have accomplished half of what I did in that week. Maria-ann, Lynley and myself all have similar values and philosophies in life as well as teaching methods. Being able to learn from such powerful, experienced and talented women and have them as mentors is truly an honour.



CB: Can you talk a bit about your experience/thoughts of being on the way to becoming a full ChiBall Trainer?


RQ: I fell in love with ChiBall the first time I experienced it 7 years ago and became a teacher because no one taught in my area. Seeing the vast improvements in participants’ physical and emotional wellbeing makes being a teacher of the ChiBall Method™ the most rewarding job I have ever had.


After I trained in Dance of the Dragon in the UK in 2005 with Raphael Moreno, Monica planted the seed of becoming a ChiBall Method™ Presenter and it has grown within me ever since. I enrolled in a presenter’s course facilitated by The Music and Motion studio with presenter/trainers, Marrietta Mahani and Lisa Westlake — a course I would highly recommend.


I also participated in a series of courses for authentic public speaking with Robert Rabbin (self-confessed world’s best public speaker), who has helped me 'find my voice'.


A good friend of mine asked me why on earth I wanted to be a presenter and put myself under such scrutiny. Good question! The answer is simply that I firmly and passionately believe in the philosophy of the ChiBall Method™ and want to share it with the world.



CB: What do you think you have learned/taken away from your 1st time presenting at a training?

RQ: Where do I begin…? If it came down to picking one thing, it would be that I have learnt to trust myself and be more confident and assertive in my teaching approach.



CB: What kind of activities/things are you working towards and looking forward to next?

RQ: The next ChiBall Teacher Training where I'll be presenting is in October in Perth! I'm really looking forward to it, and so busy preparing at the moment by reading, researching, reviewing the material for my sessions, and refining my teaching style by practing delivery -- I'm really looking forward to it!


I also love offering support to the students who have recently trained here in Melbourne to help them on their way to become great teachers. I’m also currently completing my Cert IV in Workplace Training and assessment and I am also looking into doing an acupuncture course.


My husband calls me the eternal student, and I don't think I will ever lose interest in learning. ChiBall tends to awaken a curiosity within me to want to learn more about ourselves and the world we are a part of. I challenge anyone to try ChiBall and not have their appetite wetted!



CB: Thank you, Rebecca -- we very much appreciate your involvement and committment, and look forward to seeing you shine in Perth!


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