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Sam Engelen’s Inspirational Story

Sam Engelen writes to us from the UK about her journey facing the tough life-challenge of breast cancer, and how she entered a new space of healing using the ChiBall Method’s Dance of the Dragon to help and support her along the way.


Hi Maria-Ann,


It was so lovely to hear from you and I am very interested in the ChiBall Method going global. That is very exciting and I love the idea of a pink ball! I think that would be a huge success!

It would be a pleasure to tell my story and I am always happy to discuss the ways people can get through cancer. I actually read about ChiBall in a magazine when a friend took me to a spa at the start of my treatment. I noted it down and bought the Dance of the Dragon DVD straight away, and proceeded to practise every morning. I loved the meditation, and I definitely think it deepened my positivity and understanding of the mind and body relationship.

I was diagnosed in the December of 2005. I was 27 years old and had had breast cancer in the family. My grandmother had had it and my mother, though neither had had to go through chemo. I had two operations, one to remove the lump and the second to remove all the lymph glands on my left-hand side. I then underwent 6 months of rather gruelling and heavy chemo, and then a further 6 weeks of radiotherapy. I am now in my fifth year of remission, and am feeling great! It was a long journey, but I learnt so much about myself and feel so much stronger for the experience. What a cliché!

I think having it young certainly helped me in that my body could cope with the severity of the treatment, and my attitude was very fresh and positive. I had the most amazing friends and family around me, but I took advantage of the time to explore holistic therapies – anything that helped me stay calm and centred! It really did help me, but what I find more challenging is trying to utilise the lessons I learned about staying calm and breathing properly in my life now! It’s ironic how you learn these things, and then real life kicks back in, faster than you realise, and you become so wrapped up in it all again.

So, when I moved a few months ago and was packing, I realised I could not find my ChiBall DVD as I had let my practice slip towards the end of last year. I promised myself I would re-order and start it up again, and that is where I am now. I wanted a way to ground myself every morning and have “me time” before the day began, and to bring my mind and body into a zone where I knew my well
being and health would benefit. I use ChiBall first thing in the morning to ease myself into the day, and though I am now fighting fit and healthy again, it always does wonders to calm me down and centre my breathing. I have recommended it to a lot of friends, but also to my reflexologist who works in the hospital where I was treated. She has taken a leaflet from me and is going to tell her patients about it.

I hope I have not rambled on too much, but I was rather excited to hear from you and your thoughts about linking ChiBall with breast cancer charities. I am planning on walking the Great Wall of China for breast cancer care in 2010, and to have a party beforehand where I would promote things like ChiBall that helped me through it all so much. Having breast cancer was indeed a challenge, but it was a challenge that I would not have changed for the world, and it has opened my eyes to so many things.

Sam Engelen, UK


Thank you Sam for sharing your touching and moving story. Your strength and perseverence are truly remarkable! We are thrilled to hear you are doing well, and are certainly looking forward to hearing about your world adventures in promoting awareness and solutions for breast cancer. We wish you great health and wellness on your journey ahead!

The Team at ChiBall World


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