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Interview with a ChiBall Teacher: Maria Pinn

High Summer Radiance Maria Pinn is the Head of Operations for ChiBall based in the UK, as well as a passionate and committed ChiBall Teacher.

Maria is currently primarily focused on UK activities, supporting our teachers and implementing the new and exciting education curriculum.

As a qualified nurse and Pilates instructor, Maria has always worked with people to provide healing and education -– a wonderful combination for mind-body exercise and the ChiBall Method™.

CB - What is your background in terms of practising or teaching fitness or mind-body exercise?

I've been a fitness teacher for the past 15 years. Ten years ago I trained in Pilates, an exercise form that I felt matched my background in Nursing, Training and Fitness. I went on to start my own Pilates business and never looked back.

CB – When did you attend the teacher training and what has the journey been from there?

I have used the ChiBall for ten years. My clients love them. I still have my original ChiBalls and although they are faded and looking a little tired, they are still going strong!

In November last year I was sitting on the floor of my house packing up to go overseas, boxes everywhere and total chaos, the phone rang and it was Maria-ann from Head Office. She started talking about the ChiBall course in Sydney and my initial reaction was 'why would I want to do any type of training right now?' But Maria-ann was so friendly and I love a good chat so we continued to talk. Somewhere in that conversation a light bulb went on and I realised that I needed to do this course for myself. I signed up, thought it was one of the best trainings I've ever attended, and the rest was history!

CB - How does ChiBall compare to teaching group fitness and Pilates?

For a start the ChiBall itself is an instant hit, I love watching clients choose their colour at the beginning of the class and from that moment they don't want to put the ChiBall down. I find that the classical ChiBall is a fantastic introduction to mind-body exercise, it's like a big box of chocolates with many different flavours to choose from and everyone finds their favourite! I also like the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine from which it draws – even though clients often are unaware of it, each class is finely tuned to the meridians, seasons , colour and aromatherapy. It's a wonderful blend of East and West.

CB - What benefits have you seen or felt in your life since becoming a ChiBall Teacher?

Tricky question seeing as my life has just been turned upside down, literally. I've moved with my family to the other side of the world. New country, new people, new places – a challenge around every corner. It would be easy to become out of balance but ChiBall has bought about a greater awareness of my mental and physical state. I practice it at home regularly. Without a doubt it helps and I'm better able to enjoy this journey.

CB - What is your favourite part of being a teacher?

My favourite part of being a teacher is definitely the people I teach. I've met so many wonderful people over the years, many of whom have become good friends. It's rewarding seeing the changes that happen to their physical and mental well-being as a result of the ChiBall classes – for many, the classes are the only time participants take for themselves and so I'm inspired to give them my best. You never get bored, no two classes are the same and I always look forward to them and learning is a two way experience – as they learn from me I also learn so much from them.

CB - How are you looking to deepen and take your practise forward in the future?

I'm looking to study each of the movement disciplines in greater depth. I feel I have just touched the surface on many of them. I have recently gone back to ballet classes after many years and loving it – but we won't be performing in any concerts!!!

CB - What would you say to people who are starting a ChiBall practise, or are considering becoming a Teacher?

Go for it! Not only does it provide you with a whole new set of skills, it is also a personal journey. The ChiBall is so diverse and can bring so much interest and depth into a class. It is also a wonderful tool that can be used in physiotherapy practises, remedial therapy and so much more.

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