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ChiBall Teacher Story: Rebekah Smith

ChiBall Teacher Bek Smith

My ChiBall Journey started when I was a university student, paying my way through my studies by teaching Group Fitness classes. I met ChiBall Master Trainer Lynley Gladdis and started participating in her Pilates and ChiBall classes.

Lynley soon became my unofficial Pilates mentor, from whom I gleaned a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that enriched my own classes. When I finished my Bachelor of Science and decided to pursue a Masters degree in Physiotherapy, Lynley's encouragement and guidance helped me develop a deeper appreciation of movement and exercise instruction than I ever would gave gained from my university studies alone.

While I enjoyed teaching and participating in Pilates and other mind-body classes, there was always something different and special about ChiBall that I was never quite able to put my finger on. I always left with a feeling of completeness, a sense of balance between my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The exercises in Monica's book that I studied were beautiful as well as effective, but I couldn't quite define what set them apart from other mind-body formats.

Sadly, my ChiBall participation came to an end when I graduated and started working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist. However, the universe intervened again to prompt me in the right direction, when Lynley told me the first new Adelaide ChiBall Teacher Training course was coming up. How could I refuse an opportunity to discover and experience the wonders of this Method?

So I took time off from work to participate in my first ChiBall 'retreat' - my initial teacher training course. As soon as I started delving into the written course content, I realised that up until then, I had only scratched the surface of the ChiBall Method. There was such vastness to the knowledge and wisdom presented! Coincidentally, I had also just started studying acupuncture as an adjunct to my physiotherapy work, and my acupuncture teacher was also impressed by the depth of information I had received through the TCM component of the ChiBall training. Additionally, my physiotherapy mentor had been guiding me through some Feldenkrais lessons to further complement my work, and we were both pleasantly surprised to see the parallels in what I was learning through the Method.

ChiBall Teacher Rebeka SmithIt soon became apparent that everything I had learnt in my lifetime - through university studies, personal experiences, my fitness work, and professional development training - seemed to be reflected in the beautifully presented ChiBall Method! My interests in human physiology and movement sciences, my passion for Pilates and yoga, my penchant for Tai Chi and traditional Chinese medicine, my fascination with the human condition and wellness of body and mind - it has all come together in the ChiBall Method, like a gift perfectly packaged to enjoy and share with the world!

The mystique I always sensed about the Method has crystallised for me now - ChiBall is not a fitness class, nor a system for just using an exercise ball. It leads to a way of life that is wholly holistic, catering for everyone from the person who simply wants to move, to those who like the colours and playfulness of the Method, to those who seek, serenity, spirituality, and deeper awareness of body and mind. I have loved every second of my journey thus far, and can't wait to share it with more people that join me on the ChiBall Journey!

~Rebekah Smith


Rebekah is a fitness instructor of 5 years, and holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours and a Masters degree in physiotherapy. She is passionate about incorporating the ChiBall Method into her physiotherapy work, and takes one-on-one sessions and small groups at her workplace at Back In Motion Campbelltown, South Australia. She is happy to be contacted via email if you'd like to explore how the ChiBall Method™ can help your health and wellbeing.