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ChiBall Teacher Story: Judy McKenzie

ChiBall TeacherMy name is Judy McKenzie, and at 66 years of age I have a great life as a Mum to three adult children and Nanny to four grandchildren, all somewhat scattered throughout Australia. I am also a ChiBall Method™ Teacher in Australia – and loving it! And therein lays the story.

It could be said I have been on the ChiBall Journey since its inception in Adelaide more than 10 years ago. After a history of high-impact sport including squash, aerobics and, in my younger days, ballet, my body was grateful that I discovered this beautiful Method, taught by Monica.

She was teaching mind-body exercise at our local Burnside Fitness Club, way before mind-body was the fashion. I was literally in her front row. Monica drew us in and we were hooked on her methodology and the ChiBall.

An invitation by Monica in 1999 to attend, as a participant, a Mind Body Balance Elective at the Institute of Fitness Professionals—where she was presenting ‘Move your Body Move Your Mind,’— was my first step on the road to becoming a Fitness Professional. I recall I called the instructors to account on some of their assumptions (e.g. that I could sit crossed legged for an interminable period of time—I was probably a downright pest).

However my love for flowing, dynamic movement and my fascination with Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Pilates and Feldenkrais flourished—and using the ChiBall made so many more self-discoveries possible. Over time and with the aid of the ChiBall, I came to learn the undoubted benefits of Yoga. I started to see the relaxation component of the Method as of great value, rather than as a period of time to be tolerated. I took time to explore the pure forms of Tai Chi-Qi Gong.

8 years ago I “retired” from being a Legal Studies Teacher for High School students, and have since found that my credentials with Gentle Fitness, Older Adults, Remedial Pilates and the ChiBall Method™ have opened a way of life I did not foresee. My classes include using ChiBall to work with a Parkinson’s Disease Group, a Chair-based Community Class, as well as classes for able-bodied “Over 50’s”. I also incorporate the ChiBall when I teach Pilates.

Initially, I thought the seniors’ classes would be an all too present reminder of my own ageing process and perhaps a little boring and restrictive. To the contrary, it has been a privilege. Challenging, yes, but with a warm connection, loyalty and appreciation that such groups can provide, I have made the necessary adjustments for clients with arthritis and stroke, as well as a whole gamut of minor aches and pains. The classes are successful and have expanded in both participants and locations. I think that speaks for the ChiBall Methodology and my enjoyment in presenting it.

As a teacher, I also attend ChiBall classes with Master Trainer Lynley Gladdis for my own enjoyment!!

In 2007, I attended the 10 Year Celebration of the ChiBall Method™ in Lausanne, and continue to look forward to opportunities to meet and encourage new Teachers and to reconnect with other instructors around the world. We have so much to offer!!