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Interview with a ChiBall Teacher: Linda Lundgren

ChiBall Teacher Linda Lundgren

Linda is a native of Sweden who runs a holistic health and well being business in Portugal where she offers clients a wide range of services including The ChiBall Method™.


CB: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed for this month’s newsletter.

LL: It’s a pleasure, thanks for asking me to talk about what interests me most!


CB: Could you tell us a bit about your background in terms of practising or teaching fitness or mind-body exercise?

LL: Sure, I’ve been working fulltime in mind/body training for almost 10 years. I teach group classes, private courses and one-to-one training.

I have a degree from the Sport University (Stockholm) and am a certified fitness, aerobic instructor and personal trainer from S.A.F.E (Scandinavian Academy of Fitness Education). I also have a Bachelor in Psychology with my final work within the field of Sport Psychology and Mental Training.

While in Sweden I worked giving workshops on stress prevention, I also started to teach Body Balance and then I worked with a class called MindMoves. Then I turned more to Pilates and I now have certifications from the Pilates Institute in Level 1, 2 and 3, small equipment (ball, bands, isotoner, foam-roller) and the reformer training. After attending the ChiBall Teacher Training and becoming certified, I started to teach ChiBall Classes, and I also use ChiBalls a lot in my Pilates classes and when I teach one-to-one.

CB: How did you originally discover The ChiBall Method™, and what inspired you to want to teach it?

LL: The way ChiBall entered into my life is a great memory for me because I felt invited by this Method. I saw my first ChiBall class at a convention in the UK and I fell in love — I just knew that I needed ChiBall in my life — and ended up doing all the ChiBall classes available at the convention!

At another fitness event in Scandinavia, I met with Tina Hedren and we just talked ChiBall and ChiBall and ChiBall... I then did the Teacher Training and began teaching ChiBall classes.


CB: How does ChiBall compare to teaching group fitness and Pilates?

LL: What I really love with The ChiBall Method is the flow of energy that comes from "travelling" through the seasons and elements during the class, and the respect for the movements and their nature. Playing with Yin/Yang is unique and gives a wonderful sensation of contrast, and a well-delivered ChiBall class can be more dynamic compared to many other mind-body classes.

I work a lot with Pilates, which is very analytical in observing the posture and looking for the changes we want to achieve. Maybe why I felt so attracted to The ChiBall Method is that it invites students to move and feel more intuitively. It seems more “body to the brain” than “brain to the body”...

I feel that I teach Pilates better today with what I learned from the ChiBall Method™.

ChiBall Teacher Linda Lundgren CB: What benefits have you seen or felt in your life since becoming a ChiBall Teacher?

LL: I am more aware to look for and find balance in everything — not just while training or practising, but also in relationships, in being active/passive, analytical/intuitive, etc. I am more aware of and better in control of my emotions, and I manage to communicate to my students in a better way than before.

I’ve learned that our emotions are our responsibility. We create our emotions and can not put that responsibility on someone else. It’s possible to give cues during a ChiBall Class to help students discover that they can make different choices that will influence their emotions.


CB: What is your favourite part of being a teacher?

LL: When I teach group classes, it’s seeing the difference in the eyes of the students when they arrive to the class and when they leave an hour later...

In one-to-one training it is great to follow them over a period of time and see the progress they are making.

I like to think what I do like this: Imagine that I teach a class with 20 students. Hopefully, they leave my class more calm, with more patience, and feeling good with themselves, etc. Then they go home and see their husbands/wives/children/parents/friends/etc. and continue to transmit this positive energy to those people — so maybe in a class of 20 you’re able to positively impact the life of perhaps 80 people!

As I do several classes a day, 5 days a week.... up to 200, 500, or 1000 persons could be influenced by my way of teaching, and that makes me feel good at the end of the week...


CB: What kind of people do you work with and teach?

LL: I work with very normal people aged from 20 to 90. Many of them train a lot and are more advanced, but there are also those who are not used to exercise.



CB: How are you looking to deepen and take your practise forward in the future?

LL: I’ll continue to study and participate in trainings, take classes with other instructors, learn by teaching others and be at peace with a life that probably will not be long enough to learn all there is to learn from the philosophy behind the ChiBall Method.


CB: What would you say to people are starting a ChiBall practise, or are considering becoming a Teacher?

LL: I guess I would just welcome them to the family and let them know that we are here to support them, and that I will give them time because it takes time for this method to "land" in us.


CB: Thanks very much Linda for giving so freely of your experiences of ChiBall.


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