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Insights into the ChiBall Core Values

ChiBall Values

If you stop for a moment and think about your own life, you’ll see that your values form the cornerstone of all you do and accomplish. Each of us makes choices in life according to our most important values — values determine how you spend your time and define the goals by which you are truly living your life.

Developing the ChiBall values came from a question of understanding what was important to the individuals in the team and within the organization, and determining what would best assist us to support the sustainable development and growth of ChiBall.


Why Identify and Establish Values?




"At a time of crisis, we are again at a point of recognising the need for values ... Values are the treasure of life, making humans wealthy and rich. Values are friends, bringing happiness in life ... Values bring independence and freedom, expand the capacity to be self-sufficient, and liberate one from external influences... Values offer protection, and one who experiences this is able to share this protection with others. Values bring empowerment, and it becomes possible to remove weakness and defects ... Values open the heart and transform human nature so that life is filled with compassion and humility. As we develop values within the self, we share the fragrance of those values with the world around us, and in this way move forward to a better world."
-Dadi Janki, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (1995)



Understanding our organization’s personality is essential to bringing ChiBall into alignment at all levels, creating a common foundation for decision making, making promises that can be delivered, and setting behavioral guidelines for every member of the ChiBall Team.

Organizations, like people, have natural preferences that affect how they gather information, make decisions and work. Understanding this frees the organization to be true to itself, which attracts employees and customers who share its values. Effective organizations identify and develop a clear, concise and shared meaning of values/beliefs, priorities, and direction so that everyone understands and can contribute. We have defined these values as simplicity, innovation, passion, authenticity and respect.

These values impact every aspect of our organization. The ChiBall team has committed to support and nurture these values, which provide a crucial foundation for building a prosperous and vibrant ChiBall World Community. As a team we feel passionate about these values and are dedicated to demonstrating and modeling them in our actions, personal work behaviors, decision-making processes, contribution to the business, and interpersonal relations.

ChiBall World PiecesOrganizational values help each person establish priorities in their daily work-life and guide every decision that is made. Only the active participation of all members of the organization will ensure a truly organization-wide, value-based, shared culture.


Our next step is to apply the core values to the continuing development of the business, and to how we work as a team on a practical level.  Reward & recognition programs and formal recruitment processes will be created to support and enhance this process. Essentially, we are looking for those individuals who are, of course, technically competent, but also demonstrate and embody the core values of the organization.

What do the ChiBall values represent?


    • Simplicity – Simplicity includes being clear and responsible in our actions and communications.  Simplicity is about having an uncomplicated approach in what we do and services we provide. The value of simplicity allows us to appreciate the little things and people that make a huge difference in our lives.


    • Innovation – Innovation is the discovery of new ways to create value and benefit for our customers and colleagues. Innovation is the life-blood of our organization, and is a continuous and organic process.


    • Authenticity – Authenticity is present when we behave in ways that are sincere and true to our commitments and intentions. As leaders, we must cultivate trust, build on strengths, and increase commitment to shared goals through genuine dialogue with all key stakeholders.


    • Passion – we include our hearts in our work and in our actions instead of just using our heads. Passion is what helps creates rich experiences and meaningful connections between people which transcend any marketing, advertising or public relations efforts.


  • Respect - Respect is treating others as you would like to be treated; being considerate of people’s feelings; recognizing the value and achievements of people, property, the environment, the company, the brand and valuing yourself as a real ChiBall contributor.


What does this mean for our customers?

Our values help us to best serve and support our customers in living lifestyles of health and sustainability. Acting according to our values on a daily basis provides our customers with confidence in the quality and dependability of our products and services, and is essential in developing lasting relationships built on satisfaction and trust.

We strive for excellence in all our endeavors and are committed to the continuous improvement and innovation in delivering effective holistic mind-body practices to our customers. We regularly engage and communicate with our customers and take feedback into consideration of key decisions and developments.


Moving Forward

As long as all of our company decisions are based on these values and preferences, success will be realized, as measured by a strong sense of identity, consistency in behavior, clarity in message, and alignment in our decision making.

On a closing note, not all core values are created equal! Respect is our most powerful value and it must infuse the whole culture of our organization. Core values should live in the world of black and white not shades of gray. When core values are clear, all the contributors on the team understand what's expected of them, which allows greater and more consistent delivery, performance, and satisfaction in achieving our goals.

Maria-ann Camilleri