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Aligning Your Health with the Seasons

ChiBall™ is a lifestyle practice that is based on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). From a Chinese medicine perspective, health is viewed (and the result of) the balance and flow of energy within the body’s internal systems and organs. As we come from nature, we are fundamentally a part of nature, and so the Ancients looked to the Earth’s changing seasons for wisdom reflecting our own processes and progress.


Woman in a field with a ChiBall

It is when we align ourselves with nature’s examples that we can attain a more balanced body and mind (for the two are inseparable, and continually interact and affect each other), be in harmony with the “natural flow” of things, and achieve a healthier and happier state of wellbeing.

Even 5,000 years ago, before modern precision scientific instruments, the Ancients were able to observe the inter-relationships between our body’s organs and systems, and their impact on health. The TCM representation of health involves taking a holistic look at how our lifestyle choices, diet and mental/emotional states impact on the flow of “Chi” (our vital energy or life-force) within our bodies – with imbalances and deficiencies resulting in poor health, unhappiness and ultimately dis-ease.

They identified that there were five key organ partnerships (liver and gallbladder being one, for example), and that these partnerships go through seasonal cycles of heightened and diminished activity; and that, accordingly, we have to adapt and adjust our diet, exercise, attention and intention in order to support them and assure the best possible and balanced flow of Chi.

For example, in Spring, you may find yourself feeling unusually angry, frustrated and impatient, and procrastinating unnecessarily over minor details. These emotions are related to an imbalance in the liver and gallbladder partnership. Spring is their season for rejuvenation and restoration, and paying special attention to their needs will allow them to perform at their best, and ensure the best possible energetic health and harmony rather than disharmony – terms used by practitioners of TCM and Shiatsu.

Woman meditates in a JungleExercises that move, massage, stimulate and stretch the organs and their associated meridian channels have a deeply tonifying effect, and with regular practice, can help us sustain a more balanced and harmonious state of health throughout the year.

Lifestyle changes – such as adjusting activities of intensity versus rest and relaxation, and varying the foods we eat according to the seasons – are also strongly supportive of a healthy mind and body. For example, a six-week detox regime in Spring can help re-balance and calm those highly charged emotions. Meridian tapping and specific seasonal-based exercises can also be used to relieve signs of stagnated Chi that may be held in the body and manifesting as stiffness and tension in the muscles, tendons and joints.

ChiBall™ uniquely integrates the wisdom of TCM with a variety of esteemed and reputed Eastern and Western mind-body practices. The result is a comprehensive exercise methodology that helps align you with nature’s way, and supports you along your journey towards harmony, balance and wellbeing.