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CB: What is your background in terms of practising or teaching fitness or mind-body exercise?


LG: I have a background in dance, graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Dip Arts Dance Teaching. I worked in theatre as a Stage Manager/Technician mainly with the college. After I moved to Adelaide, I kind of fell into working as an aerobics instructor at a gym between shows. From there I developed an interest in the area of Mind Body Fitness. I was among the first group of students to complete the ChiBall Method™ training with Monica in Melbourne. I completed Michael King's Pilate's Institute training in Australia and became a presenter for Network Pilates. The mind body area just seems to be where I fit!

CB: How did you originally find The ChiBall Method™ and what inspired you to want to teach it?

LG: I found the ChiBall Method™ after doing a number of workshops with Monica. She introduced the ball into one of her workshops and I fell in love with the concept. That was before it was as developed as it is now! I think it was the movement that I loved, being an ex- dance person! It moved in spirals and curves instead of just the straight lines that were typical in aerobics. I wanted to be able to share that freedom and sense of wellbeing with my classes and so started to practice introducing the concepts into my classes.

CB: How does ChiBall compare to teaching yoga, pilates and other mind-body exercises ?


LG: It's difficult to compare ChiBall with the Pure Practices. I love them all but I think that I mentioned that I love the freedom offered by the ChiBall Dance. You are constantly challenged to be authentic to so many different disciplines. Learning is something that you just have to keep on doing!

CB: What benefits have you seen or felt in your life since becoming a Teacher of The ChiBall Method™?


LG: Becoming a ChiBall Teacher has opened many doors for me, not least of which are doors to my inner self. I have learnt so much about myself... the way I think (positive and negative), the way I move, the joy and freedom of feeling the Chi initiate my movements. Practising and teaching ChiBall has given me the tools to be able to better cope with the challenges that life puts in my path.

CB: What is your favourite part of being a Teacher?


LG: Being part of my class's journey into wellness and self-discovery. Being part of someone's learning path and watching them move from being student to teacher. The people I have met and still meet. The energy and love that is shared with 50 people for one hour every Friday morning. The gift of receiving from my class as much as I give.

CB: What kind of people do you work with and teach?


LG: I work in a fitness centre so my classes are full of a variety of ages, and varying states of health -- the age range is from late teens to 92! The health ranges from ultra-fit, to people with arthritis, Parkinson's, major cardiac problems and many other things that go with getting older!

CB: Do you have a favourite pose or sequence?


LG: I don't think I can say that I have a favourite -- it depends on the day and how I'm feeling. At the moment, I am loving the Tai Chi Qi Gong section. But then there is the ChiBall Dance, and then the Yoga... not forgetting the Pilates, Feldenkrais and then Relaxation! It's just such a great and enjoyable progression of energy and movement -- with all the variety, it's like getting a complete mind-body workout... it's hard to single out just one!

CB: How are you looking to deepen and take your practise forward in the future?


LG: I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I've been looking into Yoga courses so that I can move from participant and gain a much deeper understanding of the whole practice not just the asanas. I would also like to do more Feldenkrais work. Right now I've also started doing one-on-one work with a Qi Gong master and I'm learning so much and loving it!

CB: What would you say to people are starting a ChiBall practise, or are considering becoming a Teacher?


LG: Enjoy the journey! Once you have started on this road there is no end to the learning that you will have. Have an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to share with others. Take the plunge, leap in and fully immerse yourself in all that is ChiBall. When you reach the surface again you will be surprised at the wonderfully positive changes that can happen.


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