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How do I purchase a Course?
Simply click here and you can access your nearest ChiBall distributor's website, or if your country is not listed, you can buy the home study version from or

How do I get started?
We invite you to complete the enquiry form below. One of our team will then be touch with you shortly.

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Why teach ChiBall?
Mind-body health and wellbeing is a top priority for most people and maintaining healthy lifestyles is a growing trend. As a comprehensive global mind-body exercise practice, The ChiBall Method™ is an ideal way to enrich your skill-set and develop competencies across a range of disciplines. Teachers and participants are discovering the benefits of this low-impact and highly effective programme suitable for all age groups.

What does becoming a teacher entail?
We have developed the ChiBall Education Programme to train and support you along your journey. The curriculum involves a set of 3 Theory Modules (TCM, Colour and Aromatherapy, and Musicality and Movement), followed by a Practical Intensive Teacher Training Course, and follow-up Seasonal Workshops to deepen your understanding of the various elements of the practice. All of the training is available for purchase online and can be completed at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Who participates in ChiBall Teacher Trainings?
Students and practitioners come from all skill-levels, ages, and backgrounds, from sports & fitness instructors and trainers, to yoga and Pilates teachers, physiotherapists, educators, and others looking to deepen their insights into health and wellbeing for themselves and educating others.

Where are training courses held?
ChiBall Teacher Training courses are now available by distance learning and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Some countries provide face to face training - contact your local distributor for details of courses in your country.

Or complete the enquiry form and we'll get back to you shortly.


Read some Testimonials from previous students

My congratulations to all the team at ChiBall World who have combined their talents so brilliantly and insightfully to give us a wonderful opportunity to combine several disciplines into the one class. ChiBall has allowed me to breathe again, to move, to think, to feel -- to be present within myself. I thank you for your gift. To Rebecca and Lynley, thank you for a simply beautiful week. Thank you for giving so much of yourselves, skills and knowledge. I am loving the journey!
-Narelle, Melbourne, Australia
Pilates Studio Director


Tina [ChiBall Master Trainer] was absolutely fantastic and so inspiring, I am very excited about starting my journey as an Instructor. I loved every minute of the training and really hope ChiBall takes off more in the UK, especially as it will now be taught at Champneys. Best wishes
-Rebecca, Hampshire, UK
Fitness Instructor, Champneys Spa and Resorts


This was the best course I have ever attended. It was professionally planned and delivered with a great mix of highly knowledgable and experienced presenters.  This is the kind of training that will change your life and how much you love it.
For such an intense course it actually felt like I was on my own personal health retreat for a week. Thank you
-Rebecca, Sydney, Australia
Head Teacher and Group Fitness Instructor.

The brilliant teachers Tina Hedren and Sue Woodd they really brought the practice to life, and I found it brought a greater understanding of the distance learning modules and would thoroughly recommend it to everyone. I am still feeling the effects now, we need more of these training sessions in the UK, hope there are some planned, can't wait for the next one. Thank you.
-Karen, Essex, UK
Yoga Teacher

This is a comprehensive exploration of TCM, Dance, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, meditation that prepares you to share this wonderful ChiBall Method to others.  I would highly recommend this intensive to anyone who wants to teach a holistic, integrated, mind/body/spirit exercise method to others, and/or those who want to experience 'chi' more fully!
My body and mind feel fantastic -- some significant energetic shifts have occurred for me! A wonderful experience!
-Helen, Somerton Park, Australia
Trainer and Facilitator


The ChiBall Training Course fed me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I could not ask for anything more from a mind/body exercise practise.
-Lisa, Glenelg, Australia
I walked into my ChiBall Training Course looking for skills that would make me a better instructor, and found much more. I walked away with skills and knowledge that will develop me as a human being, and enrich my life experience both personally and professionally.
-Rebekah, Norwood, Australia
I just want to use this space to say thank you to Rebecca & Lynley for their inspiration and guidance during the course. I feel a great sense of significance re: the timing of this training on a personal level. Also there's a sense of "growing up" for ChiBall, it has come through its infancy and is now evolving into a "grown up".  The timing for myself has meant closing some doors of the past (e.g. no more teaching water aerobics on concrete) and opening another door just a little wider. Because it's all happened quite naturally I have not resisted the change and welcomed the challenges.  What I really liked about the course was the interaction between us all (the teachers and students), the games allowed for just the right balance of group versus individual participation of "work shop activities". The depth of information and level intensity of this ChiBall training was very good, something you could "feast" on and Les Mills is just a walk in the park by comparison.
-Karen Svendsen, Melbourne, Australia
Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor
Thank you so much for a wonderful, insightful seven days and for helping me continue my ChiBall journey. Closing the eyes sometimes while moving helped me to 'feel' the music and the movement. The personal, one-on-one corrections helped me find the correct movement in yoga and Pilates.
-Krystal Lutze, Melbourne, Australia
Group Fitness Instructor
More than anything, the ChiBall Method embraces the thing that I actually like about the world today.  More & more conscious, conscientious humans are waking up to the realisation that the pursuit of wellness is paramount & that answers are found by being open to "mixing & blending" techniques from the East to the West, North to the South (and perhaps beyond!)
-Merryn Lee, Canberra, Australia
Yoga Teacher