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This scholarship is inspired by ChiBall Master Trainer, Rafael Moreno, and his love of sharing the gift of movement.

Sadly, Rafael passed away in 2006. This scholarship programme has been created as a symbol of his colleagues' admiration for him, his generosity of spirit, love of life and embodiment of the values of The ChiBall Method™.

Rafael touched many people's lives and so with this scholarship we honour his memory in a way that continues to carry his vision forward and share his passion with the world.


Rafael also created the Dance of the Dragon form which has inspired many people to enter into the world of movement and to heal themselves both internally and externally.

We were reminded of the positive impact that Dance of the Dragon has had on people when we received this letter from Sam Engelen who wrote to us about her recovery from breast cancer, crediting Dance of the Dragon as a key component to her full and lasting recovery.

Overview of the Scholarship Programme

Anyone may submit their candidature by application (see below). A panel of Master Trainers will evaluate the applications and select successful candidates.

The scholarship includes the three Distance Learning Modules and the distance version of a Practical Intensive course on DVD that can be followed from home.

Candidate Evaluation

This programme is intended to support the development of talented individuals who are active in their community, passionate about movement and healing, and who wish to teach mind-body exercise.

While the teaching of either Tai Chi, Qi Gong, dance, yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais, meditation, or traditional Chinese medicine is not a requirement for eligibility, we strongly recommend participation in classes of one of the above modalities.

To submit your application, email and include the following information:

  • Personal contact information
  • Contact information for your references
  • Personal statement of motivation
  • Endorsement letter from your teacher or a community member


Click here to find out more about the ChiBall Teacher Training. For further information or questions, please email