Wednesday, 10 23rd

Last update12:29:48 PM

Globe on MossWe recently marked Earth Day here at ChiBall’s Head Office with our own recycle, re-use and refurbish themes.  Until now all of our filming productions have been primarily released and distributed on DVD, with the exception being the short instructional video, “What is the ChiBall Method?”, which is available online.

To continue to reduce our environmental footprint, we will be increasing the videos and materials made available online, hence reducing unnecessary usage and waste of raw materials.

As part of the development of our ChiBall Website—which includes, interactive assessments and other student/teacher resources—we plan to uploaded the first Seasonal Choreography videos for ChiBall Teachers to study and practise, for use in their classes.  Currently this content is only available on DVD.

When producing video and choreography, we must be mindful of music royalty rules and regulations; which means that we are restricted in what we can broadcast over the internet or what music we can use on our DVDs.  Consequently, we  commissioned a music composer to especially create for us five Seasonal Music CDs for use in ChiBall Seasonal Classes around the world, as well as broadcast over the internet without infringing the complicated copyright laws.  You can listen to samples of this music and purchase tracks for download now from your local distributor.

Online Choreography VideoFor those of you thinking of becoming ChiBall Teachers, or those of you already teaching the Method, the availability of choreography on the web will provide you the opportunity to review and practise your skills whenever you are online!  Whilst we will continue to distribute DVDs for the time being, it is our intention to gradually build a comprehensive library of video resources for you on our Education Website.

Online resources are available to students as well as Certified ChiBall Teachers. Please contact us for further information.

As a business which aims to respect both the person, community and the planet, we hope to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives and on the sustainability of Earth.