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  Since its inception in 1994, ChiBall has developed from a unique and innovative mind-body exercise programme, into a professional organization delivering world-class education and supporting the growth and development of the mind-body industry. As the most comprehensive mind-body programme on the market, our products, classes, and trainings have been delivered around the world into over 40 countries.

To realise continued growth and improvement our vision is:

To transform the health and wellness of people through inspirational mind body exercise and philosophy


 Our Mission
To realize our vision, we are committed to the following missions to bring benefits to our customers, teachers and communities:

  • To deliver exceptional service to our customers, teachers and partnering organizations
  • To nurture a harmonious, efficient and committed workforce
  • To care for the communities in which we serve

We will do this by:

  • Marketing and promoting mind-body education through classes, workshops courses, and events
  • Conducting training for teachers, presenters and trainers (to deliver the above mentioned)
  • Mentoring and coaching Master Trainers to support/cultivate the mind-body community and trainings
  • Developing effective, accessible, high quality products, programmes and services for the public, students and teacher communities

Our Core Values Underlying our mission is a set of core values that serve as our guiding principles in everything we do:

  • Simplicity
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Respect

For more on what the Chiball values mean and represent, see the article Insights into the ChiBall Core Values.


Central to the ChiBall vision and core values is a desire to serve others, and as a business we seek to serve our employees, customers, teachers and community.  However, a business is more than just a compelling vision and strong core values – it’s about the people that we attract as part of the vision, and how we continue to serve them through education and support all throughout the journey.  A key part of serving is being able to create joyful new beginnings for people and inspiring them to truly connect with both head and heart.

What the Future Holds
So what does future look like?  In the near-term, we are progressing towards regular monthly trainings and workshops across several countries around the world, where people can readily participate in classes, embark on their journey through training, and easily come back to reconnect with others in additional talks, workshops, and gatherings.

 We see the ChiBall Worldwide community continuing to grow into a strong,vibrant, creative and supportive community of mind-body teachers, making a make a real and positive impact in peoples’ health and wellbeing through the teaching of movement and healing modalities.

 As the ChiBall Community develops, we will develop in-country centres and facilities dedicated to mind-body practices and development. Our talented and passionate Master Trainers will serve as mentors and role-models for other committed teachers, and will gain recognition as inspirational leaders in the health and mind-body space.

Through on-going collaborative work with groups in the complementary and medical communities, further clinical research will be gathered about the effectiveness of mind-body exercise in supporting and accelerating healing.  We continue to remain dedicated to new product development and continuous improvement in everything we do.

 In summary, our vision is to transform the health and wellness of thw world through inspirational mind body exercise and philosophy. We see our organisation as a vehicle for that change — there is much to do and there is much opportunity to participate and contribute.

We welcome all who share in the vision and values, and look forward to inviting you to join on us on the Journey towards build a bright and vibrant future together.